Pisces weekly astrology forecast 9 december 2019 michele knight

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If so, the impossible could just shift to possible or fully funded as Mars opposes Chiron in your 2 nd on the 9 th. Again, if you are waiting on soul path setting news, a financial outcome or wondering just how you can free yourself to take the next stage of your journey —this may become apparent to you around the 13 th when the full Moon appears in your 2 nd — the same day that Venus which rules this house is opposition Uranus. That sudden break towards freedom could occur right now — especially if those financial concerns have been holding up progress.

It maybe that the path ahead was always open. But you simply could not see the way forward. Both Mercury and Venus trine ruler Neptune on these dates. This is not just about your dream — but living, experiencing and having it. Inspiration on how to attain this may play a role. Again, you may suddenly find a way to do this that you realise was always an option for you. It was simply hidden until now. This could even involve striking a deal or bargain or making a trade off. Ceres rules the art of the deal and compromise. Giving up something in order to have what we really want.

horoscope june 27 cancer

As the Sun moves through your 8 th house it writes the terms of a fresh bargain with Ceres and Jupiter in your 10 th of success and status. Ceres and Jupiter will also make a rare power meeting in here on the 22 nd. And the old rulerships still apply. This could open doors for many of you. The deal on the table could be a job that offers more money and freedom. Or even the chance to study or travel as part of it. You are entering that bigger, bolder world where your passion propels you forward with the desire for more and to aim higher than you have allowed yourself to do before.

The Sun arrives in your 9 th on the 23 rd asking you where you want to head next?

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Have a destination in mind and set your soul compass for the time of the new Moon on the 28 th. This new Moon opposes Uranus. Sudden and unexpected news could open up that potential or see you heading off in a path you never imagined you would explore.

Pisces Weekly Astrology Horoscope 10th June 2019

The 30 th could bring a trip which benefits you, big news or see you embracing that big love. This could even be the romantic kind, immersing yourself in a subject or activity you love or simply something that sets your soul free. Again, this is all about change and passion. Woven together they could set you free to explore a wild new world of experience.

Pack your bags this October, Pisces. In a nutshell: Ready for a journey? Change and passion combine to bring you an opportunity to explore something which expands your world, Pisces. Take the road less travelled, this October! This year, people may not quite understand how your mind works.

But what I can tell you is that despite this, they are going to love your ideas. Uranus rules electricity and current and in your 3rd house this adds up to Brainwaves. Flashes of genius and ideas that you and only you could have come up with. New and radically different ways of seeing the world, old problems transformed, innovations and standing accepted thinking on its head. Uranus always delivers the unexpected and in this house, this ability is increased. Think of this as surprises on steroids.

Expect the unexpected.

Astrology Forecasts Archives - Michele Knight

Unexpected news, ending up in unexpected places, running into the last person you expected to see — all these bear the hallmarks of Uranus and if so, will usually come packaged with an unexpected opportunity too. On a more mundane level, taking a new approach to anything from your daily tasks to your commute could pave the way towards success which continues long after this cycle ends. And Uranus will remain in here for seven years. Just be aware that the two most powerful times for this cycle and when you will see the biggest changes occur are the end of it — and the beginning which you are entering now.

Get ready for rush hour! This all adds up to your work, business, what you say and even your studies having an electric quality to them now. Uranus also rules entrepreneurs, inventors and ideas which can ignite and inspire the collective. If you have dreamed of running your own show, launching that start-up, website or blog, writing that novel or even becoming an influencer, Uranus in here gives you that unique edge that allows you to not only stand out from the competition, but to engage those followers too.

This year will see Jupiter spend almost the entire 12 months in your house of career and professional success. If you were over 18 back then, think back to what opportunities presented themselves in terms of your career path. Also, whether anyone in a position of power or authority helped or assisted you when it came to career progress.

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Did you land that coveted role? Secure yourself a mentor perhaps? Take a big step towards a longer-term career goal? See your ambition soar? Get yourself recognised and rewarded for what you do? Did you manage to exceed not just the expectations of others but your own?

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Expand those ambitions now. If you want to explore alternative career options to the one you are on, Jupiter will aid you in changing course. Alternatively, if you are that round peg in a spherical hole, Jupiter will bring you at least one opportunity to expand your role and also how you are rewarded. You could benefit from this especially when it comes to your finances or in property dealings.

Be seen as someone who can combine self-leadership and determination with taking on board the advice of others when you need it. This could just turn into a winning combination for you as your open attitude and willingness to learn will. Opportunities and financial benefits may come your way from unexpected sources or just plain luck.

Just one word of caution with Jupiter in here — you may find yourself working long hours and often alone or carrying a great deal of responsibility during this cycle. You may not mind this as you will have tangible results and rewards.

today 6 jule birthday horoscope gemini

This may mean not being able to commit in other areas such as your social life on occasion. But it will be worth it, I promise you. You have the opportunity to lay a foundation that will determine your path for the next 12 years and also to gain the support of those who can help you over the long term.

Ruler Neptune remains in your sign until and while it does, it will continue to provide you with a gateway to higher insight, creativity and spiritual wisdom. Your ruler is highly unusual in that it spends almost half of every year retrograde. You often know what is going to happen before it does. Think back over the times when you have listened to your intuition and when you have chosen to ignore it. The only variable in the equation was whether you acted on the information or not.

Your very special new Moon of March 6 the same day as Uranus arrives in your 3rd of communication , appears within one degree of Neptune in the sky. Your birthday cycle this year which begins on Feb 18 will give you the ability to measure once and for all just how powerful and accurate that superpower can be. People from the past are going to feature as Mercury will meet Neptune on Feb 19 and then on March 5, turn retrograde in your 1st and then meet Neptune again on April 2.

You will know who or what is going to appear or happen before it does so please pay attention. Also remember, this cycle is normally about new beginnings and this one carries shadows of the past. Past loves could be resurrected and remember, this can include past projects or opportunities as well as people. The past is ours to revisit and learn from but it can also represent a trap. Chances are if someone re-enters your life it is for one final go-around. This time you make it work — or if they exit again this time it will be for good.

Again, your intuition will be advising you. Hopefully I am not painting a portrait of a year which is all work and no play. Because this year also comes packaged with fabulous opportunities for partnerships and pleasure. You have a. Get ready to claim your dream and also your gorgeous, authentic self. That part of you who you know deserves the recognition, the romance and the chance to express itself that may have been suppressed. And to know what it is you need. We have a total eclipse of the Sun in your 5th occurring on July 2. Remember, eclipses cover up and what I have to ask you straight out is: is it your true self or an aspect of it that is being covered up?

Have a mid-year soul stocktake at this time. Look at the people you are surrounding yourself with and who and what you are attracting. Do you feel you can truly be yourself with your friends or with your lover? Do you feel you have to hide a part of yourself away or pretend to be something else in order to loved and accepted? Are you afraid to express yourself because of what people might think? June 22 to july cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac, having a cardinal water classification and ruled by the moon.

For business, natives tend to dress casually, much preferring sport jacket to a three piece suit and the skirt and blouse to the tailored dress or more linear pattern. They could divide their time between the heavens and the underworld, spending one day high up in olympus and the next day beneath the earth, continue reading the realm of hades. Scorpio and pisces both have very strong passion. She can be very uptight if s. Ironically, the very first contact of this aspect took place on election day, and the usa elected its first black president, barack obama.

Air and water may irritate one. The new year was welcomed in on january 23 and will run until february 9 next year. If the fog clears away during the dream, then the blockages will let up and therefore there's no need to lose heart. Your home and relationships will feel more grounded and settled when black moonstone is in use.

You create and intensify your love chemistry on purpose. Be sold to a sugar plantation. The person is usually sincere and well meaning, which makes the confusion between the two astros especially disheartening. New life and founded a great city. December brings you and another deeply closer. It's even appropriate to call them demigods. The novella the devil wives of li fong by e. That chain of hardware and software can't make a flat, lifeless, and boring recording into something wonderful and awe-inspiring; But it can take a fantastic recording and make it flat, lifeless, and boring.

Women are used to having to compete with each other horoscope june 27 cancer go here limited number of spots, for a limited amount of influence. Cutting the cord isn't easy for him, and his resulting behavior pattern can be tricky to navigate. Hindu astrology- predictions are based on the janam rashis as per the lunar system moon sign. Towards the end of a cycle is when decisions are made regarding major changes marriage, career, etc. Remember, now is the time to get serious and get to work to achieve the final results and embody the qualities.

It seems difficult to stand up to you because you determination is very strong and your will, inflexible. The way we love others so much, no one can beat this!. This innate intuition might explain astrology of 24 june strokes of good luck which the neptunian is sometimes credited. These numerology apps also lets you find out your lucky numbers, love compatibility, lucky days. To do this we need to create and interpret their unique natal chart. January , february march 9, april , july , august september 7, october , november december 9.

Harsh environmental factors can lead a pisces into a downward spiral, particularly when these factors are introduced from birth and onward. Feb 18, feb 6, The dragon motif enamel version will be unveiled at baselworld Best action choreography for the myth nominated shared with stanley tong, tak yuen. We kept being drawn together because of the magical feelings we had for each other in the beginning of the relationship the first 6 months , but these blemishes caused us to break up and get back together many times over the next 13 years. Public authority must redress the violation of personal and social rights by imposing on the offender an adequate punishment for the crime, as a condition for the offender to regain the exercise of his or her freedom.

However, as i mentioned above, you might see art and items related to taboo topics: sexuality, death. In fact, i recently read an article that estimated 80 percent of the population will have an online virtual identity by the year Scorpios seek deep, fundamental change. Hello friend, our site has moved to a new address.