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Also, after the merits and defects, you can discover your guardian angel which generally protects you in life, a guardian angel with special features, and finally some names of famous characters born the same day.

My Today's Horoscope: Free Zodiac Forecast | Birthday Horoscope Dates

You can of course also choose another day to discover and read the characteristics of the people born in another day and month of birth. Personality: If you have known a man or a woman born on the twenty-ninth day of November, then you have known a very provocative individual, but not on a physical and sexual level. This individual loves to provoke other people but his provocations are often not negative but are used to help others find the right solution, a good result to the problems of life. Unfortunately, in most cases, these people are extremely nervous and like to discuss, create problems within their interpersonal relationships, in the family, at work, in love, with friends.


Living with a person born on November 29 is not easy and you have to fight every day to fight against a personality who does not like to stay still and who does not like to block his emotion. In fact the dominant planet of these people is the Moon and the Moon makes them very emotional, very susceptible, sensitive to emotions and offenses. Generally these individuals can be subject to rapid changes of mood, to mood swings that are not absolutely positive especially in love, an area in which loving a person born in this period is not at all a very simple thing.

November 29 - Birthday Horoscope Personality

Unfortunately, sentimental life can suffer positive and negative periods and in very difficult times we must not contrast the mood of these individuals who may otherwise be in crisis. However, the planet governor, which in this case is Jupiter, is very favorable to be able to carry out every project, every idea because here we are in the presence of a good dose of optimism, of positivity and of a lot of luck.

In fact, those born in this astrological period can receive events favorable to fate and can no doubt be very lucky. Regarding the sentimental life we have already said that the Moon offers a good dose of sensitivity and romance, but unfortunately it is not easy to live with people who change their attitude every 5 minutes. Neptune makes the sexual fantasy of men and women really very creative. Merits : loves traveling, loves nature, faithful, dynamic, loves other cultures, greedy.

Defects : he does too many things together, does not care much about his body, tends to command at home. Those born on any day of January are Those born on any day of February are Those born on any day of March are Those born on any day of April are Those born on any day of May are Those born on any day of June are Those born on any day of July are Those born on any day of August are Those born on any day of September are Those born on any day of October are Those born on any day of November are Those born on any day of December are Everything you say and do passes through a filter of self-criticism.

You aren't insecure; you're just precise. If your birthday falls on the Virgo side, your perfectionist characteristics have been lightened up a bit by the silliness of Leo traits, and you're more likely to be more playful and less serious. If your birthday falls on the Virgo side, your logical perfectionism is softened by a dreamy romanticism. If your sun is on the Libra side, you'll be more discerning about the kind of people you invite into your life, and you may have a bit of a judgmental streak in you.

You're likely to be a strict enforcer because of your Libran desire for everything to be fair in your life.

If your birthday is on the Libra side, you combine your Libran ability to look at every side of a situation with the Scorpio's ability to get down to the bottom of what motivates people. However, you may be in denial about everything you know since Libras want to think the best of others.

If your birthday is on the Scorpio side, you're more of an idealist than a typical Scorpio, a sign that is more skeptical of others.

Sabian Symbol

You feel things on an incredibly deep level but also have the ability to look on the bright side. If your birthday is on the Scorpio side, your dark moods are relieved somewhat with an ability to remain optimistic about the future, or at least to keep a sense of humor about it.

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If your birthday falls on the Sagittarius side, you appear to others as having a bright outlook on the world. But deep down, you have an emotional understanding of what the fuck is really up with people. You know it's not all sunshine and roses out there. If your birthday is on the Sagittarius side, your impulsive need for freedom gets reigned in by a natural practicality and desire for a stable and responsible life. If you were born on the Capricorn side, you're more likely to decide to go after a career that'll provide you with a solid financial future and the opportunity to make the world a better place.

Kannada/Zodiac Signs

Instead of just wanting to fit in in an orthodox way, by say, climbing to the top of a corporate ladder, you're likely to want to stand out in a unique way. If you were born on the Aquarius side, you take everything a little more seriously than the typical Aquarius, a sign that usually has the ability to remain more detached. You feel an innate sense of responsibility in life, and you take your responsibilities seriously.

If your birthday is on the Aquarius side, you are more likely to have a hard time distinguishing your own thoughts from your daydreams, as the two are likely to be fused together. If your birthday falls on the Pisces side, you're able to visualize your dreams and intuitions more sharply and see your goals more clearly.